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What’s Your ROT – Return on Trust?.

These young lawyers are truly — everyday — the heros they are in this film. Each of them is supported by a dynamic 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, Gideon’s Promise. Gideon’s Promise trains, supports and mentors the lawyers featured in this film, and many more to be able to stay in the work. Gideon’s Promise is building a network and community for Public Defenders. However the requests to join the training far outweigh the limited resources needed to fund every DESERVING, talented and passionate young lawyer who wants to participate in the program. To learn more and to get involved go towww.gideonspromise.org. I know the folks at Gideon’s Promise would love to hear from YOU!
The Most Overworked, Underfunded ‘Army’ in American History
On Monday, HBO premiers the documentary Gideon’s Army, a searing look at the ways courts fall short on the Sixth Amendment right to counsel.Gideon’s Army Premiering ON HBO This Month. Learn more about the cause!

Lessons From the Second Mile


This article highlights — and provides some excellent suggestions — on one of the many reasons it is important for all Board Members and organization founders who are still involved with the organization to sign a conflict of interest policy. And, so important to make this document a living, breathing document — a document discussed at least quarterly in Board meetings, not “just signed and sealed” — How you LIVE the conflict of interest policy is more important than just signing it. Creating this discussion as part of your living, breathing, acting mission-driven culture builds strong, successful nonprofit organizations.

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“Collaboration equals innovation.”  — Michael Dell
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